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pagebypagePage by Page: 30 Days of Intention (Sign-up anytime!)

There is no literal pause button, no built-in brake when we find ourselves careening too fast down the stressed-out-slope. Our lives are full – that is undeniable. Yet we also get to make the choice to build ease and intention into our days in small yet significant ways. Ways that ensure that stress impacts us less, burnout doesn’t lead to bailout, and our purpose is perpetually clear.

Page-by-Page: 30 Days of Intention is an invitation to use the daily practice of journaling as a tool for resetting and recalibrating. Page by page, day by day, we will commit to reinvigorating our creative process and engaging in hands-on reflection. The virtual course serves to guide and inspire participants in the exploration of art-journaling. Over the month you will receive a beautiful digital lesson every day to help you utilize your journal as a place for imagination and vision to unfold and spill off the page and into your life! $89Begin today!

rguidebookResiliency Guidebook (January 2016)

The Resiliency Guidebook is a cross between Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way and Francoise Mathieu’s The Compassion Fatigue Workbook. Blending business and pleasure, creativity and strategy, the Guidebook is a hand-designed resource of prompts, questions, reflections, and activities to support you as you actively cultivate self-awareness & compassion, and clarify your intention about how to show up in the world and in your work.

Resiliency Immersion (January 2016)r-immersion

The Resiliency Immersion is a supportive and encouraging community in which we dive deeply into the Resiliency Guidebook and bring the strategies, questions and activities to life. Explore the Guidebook alongside hundreds of other purpose-driven professionals committed to finding sustainability in their careers while cultivating self-awareness, activating strategies for change, and engaging in daily practices. This is an interactive course, and in addition to a printed and bound copy of your very own Resiliency Guidebook, participants will receive gorgeous weekly prompts and worksheets via email, audio musings to inspire you along the way, cohort calls with Anya, and you will be matched with a “resiliency colleague” to collaborate with. The course reminds us that, we don’t have to do it alone.

loveprojectThe Love Project: A Return to Your Heart (February 2016)

This February, celebrate yourself with kindness and creativity and join us as we embark on a journey to return to our hearts. Utilizing the potency of healing herbs paired with tender and inspiring creative coaching prompts, gorgeous original artworks, and hand-crafted Love Letters delivered to your doorstep, The Love Project provides a magical and meaningful valentine for your soul.

The Love Project is rooted in the notion that self-love and self-care are unquestionably essential, and that in order for us to nurture vibrant communities, we need to simultaneously nurture vibrant selves – viewing our wellbeing not as an after-thought, but as an essential component of our work in the world.
We invite you to join us for this month-long return to your heart — visiting the places where love feels abundant, tenderly exploring the areas that still ache, releasing the old stories that no longer serve you, and supporting the visions you have for your future. You can expect creative coaching prompts, herbal teachings and tonics, a care package filled with handmade treats & treasures, gorgeous love letters sent in the mail, and a completely unique multimedia immersion into all things LOVE.  $180
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