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The Love Project: A Return to Your Heart
February 8 – March 4, 2016


A Month-Long, Multidimensional Valentine for the Soul

This February, celebrate yourself with kindness and creativity and join us as we embark on a journey to return to our hearts. Utilizing the potency of healing herbs paired with tender and inspiring creative coaching prompts, gorgeous original artworks, and hand-crafted Love Letters delivered to your doorstep, The Love Project provides a magical and meaningful valentine for your soul.


Over the years, hundreds of participants from across the country have joined us in this offering of reflection and action.

“This is a beautiful project. Many of us forget about our own hearts – as we are so busy tending to others’. When our hearts become awakened it feels really wonderful. This whole experience has been an inspiration.” – TLP Participant, 2014

This year, we are excited to unveil a sincerely heart-felt, completely bright and brand-new version of The Love Project. TLP 2016 provides participants with a chance to go even deeper into your own dreams and desires about LOVE in your life. This offering is designed to welcome both previous participants and folks who are experiencing The Love Project for the very first time. We are so thrilled to offer a refreshed course structure, which will take us through weekly themes, creatively encouraging us to — reflect, restore, uplift, and thrive – as we embark on a journey to connect us back to our hearts. TLP is rooted in the notion that self-love and self-care are unquestionably essential, and that in order for us to nurture vibrant communities, we need to simultaneously nurture vibrant selves – viewing our wellbeing not as an after-thought, but as an essential component of our work in the world.

So, we invite you to join us for a month-long return to your heart — visiting the places where love feels abundant, tenderly exploring the areas that still ache, releasing the old stories that no longer serve you, and supporting the visions you have for your future. You can expect creative coaching prompts, herbal teachings and tonics, gorgeous love letters sent in the mail, and a completely unique multimedia immersion into all things LOVE.  This is gonna be so good….


A Brand New Batch of Hand-Crafted Treats & Treasures

sealed with a heartThis year, we are giddy with excitement to send even more treasures direct to your doorstep! There is nothing quite like the pleasure of precious letters sealed with a kiss; of a carefully crafted care-package brimming with beauty. So, this year, we are sending you even more! TLP 2016 features:
A decadent care-package filled with hand-crafted herbal delights, created with love and intention by Gypsy Moon Botanicals and Rambling Rose: 

  • Beeswax Candle (REFLECT) gorgeous handcrafted beeswax candle, made in Oregon with love.
  • Soothing Tea (RESTORE) a blend of organic and homegrown herbs. This tea is deeply nourishing to spirit and body, restoring the nervous system and awakening the heart. (Rambling Rose)
  • Rose Petal Elixir (UPLIFT) a blend of organic vegetable glycerine, rose petals and rose water. This elixir captures the sweet taste and essence of rose, encouraging heart connection and expansion. (Rambling Rose)
  • Bloom Mist (THRIVE).  Luscious body, linen & room mist -with hints of Rose- to inspire feelings of joy and love. Made with distilled water & pure essential oils for emotional well-being. (Gypsy Moon Botanicals)
  • An illustrated herbal recipe book with original recipes highlighting the many powerful uses of ROSE along with complimentary herbs. (Rambling Rose)

(All botanical products are alcohol free and safe for pregnancy and nursing.)  

Four hand-crafted, mixed-media love letters sent to your doorstep:Wed Week 4 B

  • Four gorgeous, hand-made love letters sent to your doorstep — one each week (!!). These miniature works of mail-art are designed to delight and inspire, offering tangible musings on love and life in a magical, art-infused envelope. Mailed out every Friday, you will receive one letter in the mail every week of The Love Project.
  • Four original color-pencil illustrated placards featuring our themes and questions for each week. Let these pieces serve as reminders and prompts throughout the year as you continue your journey into the heart.

Email Invitations: Creative Coaching

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a beautiful message will arrive in your inbox, serving as a prompt, a guide, and a consistent context for our time together. These Email Invitations, designed by coach and facilitator Anya Hankin, provide a guided, nuanced opportunity to return to your heart – to explore your LOVE story (past, present and future), to (gently) ask some hard questions of yourself, and to align yourself towards a tangible path of joy. Each week we will focus on a different element of the journey, supporting ourselves to reflect, restore, uplift and thrive.  All participants will be invited to join our private facebook group, which will offer a safe community to share your experience with other Love Project peeps!

  • Week 1 – Reflect
  • Week 2 – Restore 
  • Week 3 – Uplift
  • Week 4 – Thrive 

Every Monday you will receive a question and short musing to guide your week, along with an explanation of the herbal tonic designed for the week. On Wednesdays, a message will arrive in your inbox inviting you to do a bit of writing and reflecting on what the weekly theme means to you. There will be an invitation to use the herbal treats/treasure of the week, as you focus on the weekly theme. Every Friday, you will receive a creative activity prompt — an invitation to engage in a simple art project, conversation, or interactive component that begins to take our work from reflection to action. Sprinkled in-between, you can expect surprise emails with additional goodies — recorded audios, gorgeous graphics, herbal teachings, and inspirational writings.

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“I seriously almost cried upon opening my care package. The amazing smell that emerged from the box alone was a gift, let alone what was actually inside! I am in awe of the beauty and intention and taste and heart and total amazing deliciousness of every aspect of what you’ve done. This course feels like a true treasure.”– TLP Participant, 2013

Want to join us for a Return to Your Heart?
Registration will open in January.

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TLP contributors include:

Anya Hankin Anya Hankin Collaborative Anya is the catalyst, coach and facilitator behind AHC.

Laurel Buley Rambling Rose BotanicalsLaurel defines herself as a community, family & clinical herbalist and has been traveling, admiring plants, eating flowers & leaving medicine-gardens underfoot for the past ten years. Currently she is celebrating her second season rooted in one place, growing medicinal plants for Rambling Rose Botanicals at Thistle & Rose farm in Oregon. Sweet Nectar Photography has captured much of the beauty & inspiration she has seen in her journeys along the way.

Nancy Buley Gypsy Moon Botanicals Nancy is co-founder and co-owner of Gypsy Moon Botanicals in Wisconsin. Gypsy Moon Botanicals makes natural, nourishing body care using healing herbs & flowers…made with care to be gentle to your body and soothing to your spirit. Gypsy Moon products are grown locally, harvested sustainably, and infused with love.

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flying heart within a heart

We believe that the experience provided through The Love Project is vital, valuable, and transformative. Therefore, in an effort to make TLP accessible to anyone who might want to participate, we are working to provide scholarship opportunities for those who might need financial assistance. If you are curious about receiving a scholarship, or would like to sponsor someone else’s participation, please email us.