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You are an integral part of this circle. You’ve been dreaming and planning, feeling an offer percolate inside your heart and soul, something you are ready to bring to the light and share with your community. You are ready to translate your passion into an offering that is truly of service and aligned with your right livelihood. You have an insatiable craving to gather your community in intentional, impactful ways. You’re excited to expand your toolkit and nourish yourself along the way. You believe in the power of our stories and you know that creativity is transformative.

Maybe you’ve been teaching for years and need a jolt of inspiration to enliven your offers. Perhaps you’ve never guided a group but can no longer deny that still small voice whispering, “you’re ready.

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Leading a meaningful in-person experience takes more than just gathering people in a room. As circle-holders and community-connectors, how do we utilize creativity not just in what we teach but how we teach? How do we facilitate for integration and impact? How do we stay present with whatever unfolds in our workshops while not losing sight of our intention? How do we invite and encourage diverse perspectives? How do we best support our students? And how do we honor our own needs in the process? During five months of both in-person gatherings and personalized coaching sessions, we will explore answers to these questions.

This isn’t about one right way or one method. This is about picking and choosing what works for you from a breadth of time-tested tools.

We will learn and practice techniques that engage and energize our communities and classrooms. We will hold safe and sacred space. We will design programs rooted in inclusion and justice. We will utilize the creative arts to embolden the sharing of stories and visions. We will explore methods to ensure that our gatherings have impact, and cultivate the tools we need to tune into each person who convenes with us.

Each in-person session will offer a mix of experiential lessons exploring different themes through the use of theatre, writing, hands-on art-making, song, rooted ritual, and self-revelatory practice. There will be time for guided reflection and integration after each activity, as you will be invited to co-lead, make things your own, and pick and choose what tools you want to add to your own facilitation toolkit. All of our work together is participant focused and rooted in story — trusting that you and your cohort have the knowledge and wisdom and the activities create the container for that wisdom to emerge and flourish. 

In a supportive environment of your peers, you’ll learn how to both design and deliver your own meaningful in-person program, workshop, or retreat.  

Together we will participate in an intentional process to develop, refine, and share our offers. 

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One Saturday each month, we will gather in person at a gorgeous studio in Portland. These days will center on the foundation of facilitation — exploring what it means to create a learning environment that supports our desired outcomes; daring us to go deeper, to trust ourselves, and to meld both theory and practice. We will have ample opportunity to practice, try things on, and engage new approaches in a safe and supportive environment. Our days together will be filled with hands-on creative exploration with time for group and individual reflection.

Our small size is designed to cultivate creative immersion, personalized attention, and integrated learning.

Each of our days together is, in itself, a retreat, as we’ll be relishing in our own creative practice, enjoying healthy nourishing food, making art, and collecting inspiration for our facilitation toolkits. We’ll learn from one another, feel both pushed and praised, practice proven creative techniques for engaging groups of learners, and share our own stories and skills in an intentional space.

Shy folks and introverts are welcome and encouraged.  We will all hone our unique style.


Every month, you and I will connect for a one-on-one, individual session to dive into the logistics of your unique leadership vision. This is the time where you take what we’ve been learning and make it fully your own — weaving new tools and techniques with your own wisdom and style.

Through a solid structure of support we will grow the seed of your idea into a flourishing, fully realized curriculum. This might be a core one-day offer, a signature multi-day retreat, or an on-going course. This may also be the place where you give new life to your pre-existing program.

You’ll create inspiring lessons, design and practice opening and closing activities, and outline a curriculum that showcases your skillset and style. 

This time is just for you — to ask questions, cultivate greater clarity in your vision, and iron out the nitty-gritties of your offer. Our five-month journey provides you with all the steps you need to graduate with an in-person program that lifts up your unique voice and vision, brings your students along with you on an engaging experience, and provides you with clarity and confidence in your strength as a facilitator. 

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This work values what each of us brings to the room, recognizing our roles as both teacher and student. We will learn from one another, share leadership, and offer and receive feedback. Together, we make the Cohort what it is. Each month, you’ll be invited to meet one-on-one with a cohort peer to cultivate additional accountability and support. We’ll encourage one another to take risks, get messy, and cultivate bravery in how we show up in this circle and beyond.

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Inspiring guest facilitators will join us to lend their wisdom and insight, adding to our toolkit of lessons, activities, and practices for engagement and showcasing a range of facilitation styles and techniques. In spacious two-hour sessions, these experts will share tangible tools for facilitating with a focus on justice and inclusion (with founder and lead facilitator Nanci Luna Jiménez of Luna Jiménez Seminars); teaching through movement and embodied practice (with creatrix and yoga + art teacher Lynzee Lynx); and using voice, song and authentic-to-you ritual (with lead facilitator and voice teacher Rebekka Goldsmith). We'll also have a bonus session all about promoting your program (with creative strategist Phoenix Rose Geritz of Empowered Domains). 

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This is the place where my deep passion and extensive expertise converge. Where my life’s work meets my heart’s pull — the place I feel most alive, most aligned, most myself. Where I am able to truly be of service — holding space; cultivating creativity; and supporting you to go deeper into your stories, your purpose, and your capacity as a leader.

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Over the last twenty years, I have committed myself to designing and facilitating transformative learning experiences for diverse communities.

I have worked alongside renowned artist and teacher Flora Bowley at her sold out workshops. I have designed multi-month artistic residencies for high school students exploring body image and identity through photography and theatre. I have led entrepreneurs on immersive weekend retreats to connect to the heart of their work. I have taught original programming through Multnomah County Library, Portland State University, Lewis & Clark College, Evergreen State College, Portland Community College, and in collaboration with non-profit organizations across Oregon, Washington, New York, and California.

I have had the honor of supporting hundreds of creatives and changemakers to nurture their inspired ideas into fully engaged, robust in-person offerings. Clients I have collaborated with have gone on to share their unique programs addressing identity, culture, community, art, and story. 

I approach my work from both an experiential and academic framework — bringing the notion of praxis (the merging of theory and practice) to the forefront of every program. I believe wholeheartedly in Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy — that learning must be active, engaged, and student-led.

I bring my background as a coach, professional writer, and creative facilitator to the Catalyst Cohort — creating a safe and intentional container where mistakes are welcome, stories are sacred, and process is just as valuable as outcome.

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At the end of our five-months you will stand sure and confidently in your skills as a facilitator and guide. Come June, you will have your own unique curriculum complete with creative exercises, ready to teach. You will have a concrete action plan of how to share and promote your new program, as well as clear language framing how you write about and speak about your offer.

You will have trust in your capacity to lead groups, use your voice, and offer your skills in service to your community. You will have an overflowing toolkit of now personalized lessons, activities, and practices that you can use seamlessly in future programs. 

You will have laid the groundwork for a program that can support you on a soul-level and a financial level, lifting up your capacity for right livelihood.

You will have a community of supporters who have your back and believe in your vision. 

You'll complete our five-months as a graduate of the Catalyst Cohort — a distinction you can feature on your website. You'll also have my endorsement and commitment to uplifting your work and sharing about your offer within my own community. 

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Like a stone skipping across the water — this Cohort is all about the ripples of impact — our circles expanding and reverberating as we take the leap to activate our calling. Circles of impact as we cultivate confidence in ourselves. Circles of impact as we connect with our group of risk takers and vision activators. Circles of impact as we share our work with others, inviting new people into our spheres, and catalyzing our community. 

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