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Dear One —

We live in a broken and beautiful world, in a potent and precarious time.

This is not the moment for us to play small, to dwell in possibility but take no forward action. Now is the time for us to raise our voices louder, to galvanize our visions into being, and to create spaces for others to do the same.

I believe that what we most need now is a groundswell of creativity and collaboration.

Do you feel it too?  

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That need to gather together, in-person, with an intention of community at the core. That craving for tangible connection and face-to-face conversations. The desire to feel deeply heard and in turn to deeply listen?

Now is the time for us to circle up. And to encourage others to pull up a chair.

The Catalyst Cohort is a five-month leadership collective for artists, community-workers, and changemakers ready to step into your capacity as an engaged facilitator and design programs, retreats, and workshops of meaning and impact.  

We need your voice and vision.

This Cohort encourages you to heed the call of your heart — providing space for you to show up to your fullest capacity (vulnerable, brave, creative), to galvanize your community, and to craft a program that is a true reflection of your deepest offer. At the end of our journey you will graduate with your own unique curriculum. You will feel confident and ready to lead with intention, welcoming your community into an extraordinary experience that only you can provide.

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Your Invitation
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Gather with an intimate group of fellow changemakers and truth-seekers for this immersive, in-person 5-month guided journey to design and deliver your own program, workshop, or retreat.  

I’ll bring my 20+ years of tools and techniques for experiential learning and engagement. You bring your expertise and passion. Together we’ll build programs that are participatory, potent, and have long-lasting impact.


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