During our 1:1 sessions, we will dive into the unique logistics of your program language, logistics, and launch. During our in-person days, we will cover the following topics (and more!), rooted in a pedagogy of engagement. 

  1. Appreciation vs. Appropriation

  2. Befriending Feedback

  3. Biases + Blind spots

  4. Creativity-Infused Lessons

  5. Engaged Listening

  6. Facilitating Difficult Conversations

  7. Group Dynamics

  8. Knowing Your Unique Audience

  9. Leading with Questions

  10. Maintaining Calm in the Chaos

  11. Planning + Presence — The Perfect Blend

  12. Popular Education + Theatre of the Oppressed

  13. Powerful Openings and Closings

  14. Rooted Ritual — Using Our Own Cultural Legacy

  15. Setting the Foundation

  16. Strength-Based Facilitation

  17. Your Story + What You Bring to the Room


The 2019 Spring-Summer Cohort is currently underway.

The 2020 Cohort will begin in January, with dates announced in September.


In addition to our 48+ in-person immersion hours, you and I will connect for an hour-long mentorship session by phone every month.

We will gather virtually as a group for one live monthly call via zoom. You will also receive one recorded teaching each month.

Every month you will be matched with a different peer partner and will be invited to connect with them for an hour or more outside of our workshop time.

Like is true with most things — the more you put in, the more you will get out.


We'll be gathering in a gorgeous studio space in NE Portland  — with ample room for circling up, large tables to spread out art supplies, cozy corners for reflection, and plenty of open space for spontaneous dance parties.   

Your invitation (9).png

This program is open to cis women, trans women, and genderqueer and non-binary folks.

If you feel this is the right program for you, then it likely is. Welcome. 

  1. Weekend-long in-person sessions with our Cohort

  2. Four one-on-one hour-long consulting sessions with Anya to craft your unique curriculum ($1,000 value)

  3. Twice monthly zoom calls (one live, one pre-recorded) with focused teachings about facilitation

  4. Guest facilitators — experts in their field ($1,000 value)

  5. Monthly peer-to-peer accountability and support (Invaluable!)

  6. The Catalyst's Companion Resource Guide ($250 value)

  7. All the steps needed to graduate with your own program plan, curriculum, and course of action

  8. Vibrant, healthy snacks throughout each day

  9. All art materials and supplies provided

  10. Designation as a Catalyst Cohort graduate


The 2020 Cohort costs will be announced in September. Please check back.

Flexible payment plans are welcome. When you register, you'll have an option to select your preferred payment cycle.


It feels like a part of me that I’ve been trying to express for so long finally has an outlet. All of the things inside me that wanted to be created — they now have a way out. Anya made the art and science of facilitation come alive for me in a way that was surprising and delightful, and has set the stage for deep learning. The variety of exercises and tools she introduced to us opened my mind to the possibilities and showed me how I can apply my own creativity to this process. The learning and connection I’ve experienced here has been much deeper than in other groups I’ve been a part of. Words really fail to describe how transformational this has been for me.” Adrianna Locke, Healer, Acupuncturist, Facilitator of Connection


“I was on the brink of full burnout and I was really needing accountability in taking care of myself as a key resource in my business and my work in the world. This cohort has given me the courage and motivation to show up — for myself, for this community, for the work I believe in.Rowen White, Seed Keeper, Writer, Activist, Facilitator of Healing + Belonging


“I love the experience of having this whole group of people who are going though the same creative process that I am, but each exploring their own completely different subject matters. That in and of itself is so valuable. This cohort is a place where we all go to each other for inspiration and encouragement, growth and accountability. Your support and teachings helped me to facilitate a very meaningful and personal experience, and I felt all of the learning that I had done, the guidance that I had received helping me to stand with confidence, to take on the leadership role that had been asked of me. I had an emotional strength and trust that I have enough of what it takes to step forward. I hadn’t had that before.” Pam Hardy, Environmental Lawyer, Yoga Teacher, Facilitator of Communication


I’ve never felt at home with a group of women before this cohort — never, ever. Thank you for seeing me. This is a fully co-created experience with incredible connection. It has been profound.” Jenny Downer, Photographer, Facilitator of Mindful Awareness