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"Anya helped me to channel my passion and enthusiasm for my project into an effective plan of action. Her support helped me to move from the exciting, but often daunting and overwhelming place of pursuing a new idea, to turning it into a full-fledged community program that I've been running and growing for years." –Lisa Kagan, Founder, Family Heirloom Arts + Creator, Art of Motherhood program


“Without Anya’s guidance I would not have had the confidence to offer my program exploring the use of acupuncture to treat the trauma of racism. My work with Anya provided clear strategy, accountability, and emotional support to put this offer out into the world. The results were beyond my expectations.” –Sita Symonette, Founder, Black Pearl Acupuncture


“I love the intentional time we spent cultivating our community, the constant nurturance, the expertise of our guide, the opportunities for reflection.” –Katie Schuessler, Coach + Artist


“Anya helped us to build the most racially and culturally diverse event our ten-year-old organization has ever had.” –Elliot Rasenick, Beloved Founder

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“Anya’s unique contribution to this project included an unfailing compassion for the students and a consistent effort to create a program that was relevant, challenging, and insightful, and that was nimble enough to flex and grow with the needs of the class. This experience asked students to explore and share deeply personal stories and perspectives, and Anya worked tirelessly to create the safe and comfortable environment that allowed students to be truly honest and candid.” –Marcella Crowson, Artistic Director, Educational Theatre Program


“Anya is a great leader, activist, and educator. She has a deep understanding of anti-oppression issues and is dependable and responsive to the needs of a group. Anya's facilitation skills are superb and her contributions are consistently insightful and beneficial. Students love her!” –Jeannie LaFrance, Director, Illumination Project, Portland Community College

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“Students have matured so much through this process – allowing themselves to be vulnerable, to take risks, and to develop a willingness to be open. It has really impacted them – in a life-long way, I think. It’s been amazing to watch.” –Kenny Wikler, Teacher, PhotoVoice Project host site


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