Let's bring your website to life with writing that lifts up your business voice and shines a spotlight on your creative vision and the unique way you are of service. 

I work alongside creatives, community-workers, and changemakers to turn your ideas into written content that connects and engages.

Over the years, I’ve crafted mission statements for thriving organizations and brand new businesses. I’ve written bios for painters, coaches, designers, musicians, and educators. I’ve streamlined sales pages, composed heartfelt newsletters, and outlined new offers. And I’m ready to help you.

Our work together is all about substance and soul.

I’ll utilize my years of wisdom-seeking and wordsmithing to listen in to what you truly want to share and then I’ll transform your narrative into salient prose that packs a punch.

Together, we’ll find the right words to describe your passion and professional purpose, getting to the essence of your offers and the heart of your work.

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"Anya’s clever, enchanting way with words is phenomenal. Her lovely wit helps everyone’s stories shine a little brighter with a fresh and brilliant confidence. She is a true treasure of word-smithing inspiration!

— Shanna Trumbly, Artist

A Perfect Place to Start


Content Review. $350

Wondering if your messaging is landing with your audience? Ready to refresh your content but not sure where to begin? Send me your existing content (up to six pages) for a Content Review. I will relish each page and generate thoughts and feedback to guide the direction of your rewrite. Then we'll connect by phone for a 45-minute guided session. You'll leave inspired and ready to get to writing or confident in the direction we can take together.


Storytelling Session. $800

This is one of my most beloved offers. Before our Storytelling Session, I’ll read through your existing content and create a personalized set of questions designed to draw out the substance you are aiming to share. We’ll connect for an hour-long call in which I’ll listen to your words, but also underneath the words — to where your energy and passion is. I’ll then get to writing, capturing the nuances of your language, the spark in your sentences, and will begin to get your vision down on paper. 1-2 weeks after our call, I’ll send you original content gems culled from our conversation and written in your unique brand voice. You’ll be able to weave these into your existing copy or use them as stand-alone content. You’ll receive a gorgeous PDF of ready-to-use original content and a google doc for easy editing. Purchase your session here.

“Your magical words lift me up and illuminate so many gut level truths. I want to have your content gems tattooed on my eyeballs so I never forget who I am and what I’m capable of. Seriously they are GEMS. This process gave me such a clear vision of the work that I am doing in the world and I've come away with what feels like marching orders from the universe. Thank you for this magic — I bow in gratitude.” 

— Annamieka Davidson, Painter + Teacher


Let’s Dive Deeper

Each content creation package begins with a Content Consult — a guided deep dive into who you are and what you want to say. You bring yourself and your story. I’ll bring my 7+ years of coaching experience and extensive background in content creation. Together we’ll make magic.


Freshen Up. $600

Perfect for your new mission statement, a brand new bio, breathing new life into a central piece of content, or Anya's eagle-eyes on the most prominent pages of your website. This package includes 1 Content Consult.


Copy Rewrite. $1,800

This block of time is great to crystalize your sales page for a new program, get a series of newsletter content ready, compose a few key pages, or weave new content seamlessly with old. This package includes a read-through of all of your existing content + 1 Content Consult + 2 Check-In Calls.


The Whole Shebang. $2,800+

Ideal for an entire content reboot. Let’s refresh all of your copy with a new mission statement, about page, bio or artist statement, tagline, and product/service descriptions. Develop a distinct tone for your site, add brand new content, and tell your story in an engaging way. This package includes a read-through of all of your existing content + 1 Content Consult + 3 Check-In Calls.

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“I have never experienced anything quite like my Content Consult with Anya. In a thoughtful, supportive, clear way she asked me questions about myself and why I am passionate about my work. While I thought I was scatteredly blabbering she put together fluid, beautiful, and cohesive sentences that truly expressed my inner landscape in words. When my husband of 13 years read our finished product, he said, “ Wow, I feel like I know you and understand your dreams in a whole new way after reading this.’  Anya Hankin is remarkably gifted at giving words to the best in ourselves.”

— Ami Brimhall, Artist 

“Anya writes beautifully. Her ability to synthesize complicated ideas into concise and compelling prose is remarkable. Even better, she’s a joy to connect with and has the sort of patient, loving presence that will make you feel engaged, inspired, and connected."

— Elliot Rasenick, Organizer + Founder of Beloved 


“I feel so seen and heard and held and inspired by you. I want to be the person you saw and reflected in these words!" 

— Carolyn Ellis, Artist