—A 5-week online course for creating + leading transformational groups—

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This is a call for the generous listeners and truth tellers. For the justice seekers and change makers. For the space holders.

We do this work because we know that we all deserve to be seen, heard, and recognized. 

Because we have felt the magic of strangers transformed into kindreds, of creativity sparked and catalyzed, of vulnerable truth welcomed with recognition, of isolation melted into the sanctuary of belonging.

We do this work because we know that holding space is essential for deep change.


There is so much potential when we come together and yet so often the container isn’t created, the energy isn’t held, and the possibility isn’t fully realized. 

Because leading meaningful in-person experiences takes more than just gathering people in a room.

So often, as facilitators we either grip too tightly to our agenda — not tending to what’s actually unfolding for our participants; or we discard planning in favor of simply, “following the muse” and don’t create the necessary structure that enables people to feel secure and genuinely connect to the process. Both approaches do a disservice to the communities we are trying to uplift. 

We’ve all been to that workshop or retreat that sounded amazing on paper but fell flat or felt frustrating in person. We’ve probably even been at the center of the circle — as leader or guide — feeling the promise of a powerful connection or conversation but not knowing how to actualize our vision and usher our participants to a place of true transformation.

I’m really excited because I know how significant even small shifts can be in this work. When we have the tools to establish containers that hold the complexity and breadth of our offerings, our participants go deep alongside us. When we create an aligned balance between structure and flow, we are able to be both present and prepared. When we better trust ourselves and our process, we can better trust the people in the room, and that’s when the true magic happens.

Are you ready to grow the impact of your in-person gatherings?

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There is no one way to hold space, but there are vital tools to practice and frameworks to engage. 

Through five weeks of dynamic teaching videos, inspiring written content, illuminating interviews, and energizing reflection prompts, you will generate tangible skills that you can immediately bring back to the communities you serve.

Holding Space provides a scaffolding rather than a formula — an invitation to both learn and unlearn, and find what works for you.

By the end of this course, you will have explored ways to:

  1. Create learning containers that support your desired outcomes

  2. Establish structure that encourages freedom

  3. Engage a justice lens in program creation + facilitation

  4. Convene brave rather than safe spaces

  5. Navigate conflict + challenging group dynamics 

  6. Increase self-awareness about what you bring to the room (skills, strengths, biases, blindspots)

  7. Center the voices and experiences of your participants

  8. Co-create rather than just “teach”

  9. Move from intention to impact (and know how to actually assess that!)

  10. Cultivate increased trust in yourself, your participants, and your process

  11. Befriend and integrate feedback

  12. Hold space for your own resilience, integration, and thriving in this changemaking work

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“Anya made me realize that holding space isn’t an esoteric gift. It can be learned! And even if you’re already a natural at it, there is a science to the art as well that can make your gatherings even more transformative. Anya is so good at breaking it down and giving structure to it while keeping art and spirit alive. Learning with Anya has changed the way I move in the world and impacted all my relationships and my work. This has truly changed my life.” —Adrianna Locke, Acupuncturist + Group Facilitator

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Why Before What — Clarity of Purpose

  1. Building Context that Supports Community

  2. Creating Compelling Intentions + Agendas

  3. Collective Space Setting

  4. Interviews with:

    • Alisha SommerFreelance Creative; Parfait BassaleMusician, Artist, Empathy Specialist; Christy Tennery-SpaldingMentor, Activist, Writer, Mama


Setting Powerful Containers — Finding Freedom in Structure

  1. Openings, Closings, + the Adventure In Between

  2. Establishing Boundaries

  3. Creating Culturally Rooted Rituals

  4. Interviews with:

    • Alan Wong Facilitator, Trainer, Educator, Artist; Nat JacobsComedian, Social Worker, Advocate for Systems Change; Lynzee Lynx MalsinArtist, Mama, Embodiment Instructor


It’s All About You + It’s Not At All About You — Activating a Justice Lens

  1. How Our Stories Serve Our Work

  2. Calling in Our People; Recognizing Who Is + Isn’t In the Room

  3. Learning from Our Teachers + Finding Our Own Way

  4. Interviews with:

    • Caprice Hollins Co-Founder of Cultures Connecting; Ilsa GovanCo-Founder of Cultures Connecting; Andrea Leda — Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher; Robin Jackson — Musician, Community Arts Curator


Magic in the Mess — Navigating Challenge + Conflict

  1. Staying Present with Complex Group Dynamics

  2. Vulnerability, Trust, and Going Deep Together

  3. Rescripting “Perfection”

  4. Interviews with:

    • Kaya SingerWiser & Wilder Business Mentor, Author; Flora BowleyArtist, Author, Inspirationalist; Shanthi Klein-BalajeeYouth Activist + Organizer


Closing the Circle — Integration + Action

  1. Befriending Feedback + Assessing Impact

  2. Logistics of Leading (Setting Up Physical Space, Pricing Your Offers, Inviting People In)

  3. Galvanizing Our Visions — Deepening the Work

  4. Interviews with:

    • Michael RohdTheatre Artist, Artistic Director, Lead Artist for Civic Imagination; Jennifer LeeAuthor + Business Coach for Creatives; Dawn ThompsonCommunity Writing Workshop Facilitator

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“I was in a clunky space with my facilitation — recognizing how much I wanted to share but not knowing how to create and structure my programs for utmost impact. I felt like I was holding within me all of these beautiful gems but didn’t quite know how to deliver them into the world. These tools were exactly what I was looking for. I immediately started to apply the insights that I was having, and these tools have continued to deeply inform and impact my leadership style. This work helped me find my compass again.” —Kirin, Healer + Counselor

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There are a select number of $200 scholarships available for Holding Space. Folks with marginalized identities (ie. Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Trans, Queer, Disabled, Single mothers) will be offered priority. All scholarships will be shared on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please email me directly to inquire.

There are no refunds for this program. Payment plans may not be canceled once the first payment is made. If you select the installments option, an initial payment of $125 will be due to hold your spot. Then, subsequent payment will occur every three weeks for a total of four payment cycles. The payment method on file will be automatically charged until the payment is complete.

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“This experience not only gives you the tools to be a great facilitator, but it makes the process of becoming one rooted in who you are and how you are at your authentic core.” —Sarah D., Youth Educator + Plant Guide


“As I write curriculum for my offering, I constantly ask myself ‘how can I facilitate this, rather than simply teaching it or coaching it?’ I now have the ability to make a greater impact on those I work with by involving them more deeply in the process, and that’s so exciting!” —Carly, Movement + Nourishment Facilitator


“Anya, you have set such an amazing standard for what it means to create community. This has changed the nature of so much of my work — of what I'm offering and how I hold space. I am able to show up in a totally different way now and the impact has been transformative.” —Pam, Environmental Lawyer + Yoga Practitioner

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“These tools have revitalized my work. They have enabled me to become more present in my practice with a new clarity about what I want my clients to experience and how to create an offering that takes them there. These prompts and practices have infused my own services in a way that feels true to me and catalyzing to my clients. I feel a renewed purpose in what I do and how I do it.” —Marisol, Lawyer, Counselor, + Yoga Instructor


"A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her, or less than her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost."

—Jeff Foster