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Curriculum Development

Your Curriculum Calling

How do you take your big ideas and make them tangible?

Are you curious about turning your 1:1 offer into a group learning experience? Developing a signature e-course? Designing an unforgettable in-person workshop or retreat?

This workbook will help you through the initial stages of dreaming and planning as you grow the seed of your idea into a flourishing, fully realized curriculum.

Story Within a Story.png

Story Within A Story

Help your readers maintain focus and understand your message.

These days, with so much information coming at us at all times, people tend to gloss over when they see a lot of words. Sad. But true. (We've all done it.) 

Here is one of my favorite ways to draw the reader back in and guide them through your content.

Lessons in Listening.png

Lessons in Listening

What does it mean to listen? What does it mean to be heard?

In a world that constantly clamors for our attention, it is desperately hard to silence the noise and really listen. But it is desperately important.

Included in these pages is an invitation for reflection on how to hold focused one-on-one conversations that prioritize listening and being heard. 

Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement

Clarify your purpose. Communicate your values.

How do you articulate the essence of your offers in just a few key sentences? 

Crafting a mission statement doesn't have to be stressful. Rather, it can serve as the perfect impetus to hone in on the heart of your business. 

Enjoy these simple steps to writing clear and compelling mission statement.

Mini Course Keys Worksheet.png

Flow at your fingertips

Writer's block getting you down?

Struggling with copy that doesn't connect? Ease is literally at your fingertips. Let the keys on your keyboard unlock the keys to your flow!

New Year Inventory (1).png

Reflection + Action

An inventory for the new year or new quarter.

A simple creative inventory to guide reflection and support action as you welcome a new chapter, quarter or year.