Actualize your vision. Amplify your impact.

How do we wade through the overwhelm of our ideas and find the gem we’re elated to uplift and share — the one that feels like home? How do we create an in-person experience that allows for deep honesty and delightful resonance and true transformation? How do we call in our right-fit community, and lead with grounded confidence once they arrive?

There is no one blueprint for leadership. No singular approach to designing a workshop. No one way to facilitate for transformation and impact.

But there is a process of trusting ourselves. Of listening deeply to what stirs our hearts. Of learning and unlearning, of welcoming feedback, and being committed to our own growth.

Come, circle up.

I have found it to be invaluable to sit among a circle of open-hearted allies committed to the same expansion, emergence, and evolution. To see our brilliance reflected back in their wisdom, to feel our capacity strengthened by their willingness to risk-take, to trust our own way because we see them so fully embracing their own.

This is what community can be — a place to find ourselves. A place to be fully seen and supported so we can do the same for others.

We’ve saved you a chair.