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We are...

changemakers, creatives, circle holders —

wholehearted justice seekers, empathic entrepreneurs, visionaries, risk-takers, and meaning-makers.

We show up daily to an altar of artistic expression, spreading healing and hope, perched on our learning-edge, committed to a world we know can be. We perform quiet revolutions (growing louder daily) to affirm the capacity of human potential, the vitality of community, the power of collaboration.

Often, we are the bridge between possibility and dreams made manifest.

So we sing out. We show up. We let ourselves be seen.

Because your success is my success is her success is the only way. We redefine what it means to rise.

Now more than ever the world needs our light. This is our time.


About Me

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I’m Anya. (She/Her).

I'm a writer and facilitator working at the intersection of creativity, engagement, and social justice.


Through Anya Hankin Collaborative, I work with purpose-driven professionals and mission-focused organizations to write and develop content, engage diverse audiences online and in-person, and translate ideas into reality. I support creatives, changemakers, and community-workers to get to the essence of their offers and the heart of their work.

I have coached purpose-driven professionals since 2008, and have been creating and facilitating workshops and community events for the last twenty years. I’ve cultivated my writing skills in the nonprofit sector and creative fields, and I bring a social and racial justice orientation to my work. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Educational Pedagogy and have a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution. I completed 80 course hours in Mediation, and received a certification through the PYE-Global Partnership for Youth Empowerment's Heart of Facilitation Leadership program.

When I’m not writing or teaching, I enjoy making up silly songs with my four-year-old nephew, sweating it out in weekly kick-boxing classes, creating mixed-media art, and consuming copious amounts of green tea.

About AHC

I established Anya Hankin Collaborative in 2011, with the desire to help you find your voice amidst the fray and do your purpose-driven work. While my offers have evolved throughout the years, my values have stayed consistent.

I believe that our stories are vital — that when we feel seen, heard and recognized we are better able to be of service.

To this end, I help people write their content, share their content, and engage others with their content.

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Core to all I offer through AHC is the notion of creative resilience — the understanding that in order to show up for our work we must also show up for ourselves. To this end, radical tending and intentional practices of renewal are woven into everything we do.

I believe that this work is vital, valuable, and transformative. In an effort to make my services accessible, I work with one pro-bono client at a time. Please connect with me directly if you are interested in working together in this capacity. 

Why “Collaborative”?

You and me, we’re partners in this.

Yeah, you're basically a one-woman show, but that doesn't mean you have to do it alone. I know that we’re stronger together.

I fully believe that "your liberation is bound up with mine."

"Collaborative" evokes our shared commitment to justice and to living and working with purpose. It also speaks to the core of both my writing process and teaching philosophy — it's the give-and-take, the mutuality of the experience, and the alchemy of unique people coming together with shared goals. 

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Phoenix Rose Designs created this beautiful online platform. SixteenJuly designed my logo. Original photos of me are from the amazing Jennifer Alyse and Danielle Cohen. Original Catalyst Cohort photos are by the fabulous She Saw Things. All content is original. xo