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“I came in wanting to create an offering. I left with my life’s purpose.” —Adrianna


“This space has been so healing and strengthening in my work. I'm in awe of all of the beauty we've created together.” —Rowen


“I needed this. This cohort has provided the vessel to not only dream big but to make those dreams a reality.” —Kimberly


“This process has been invaluable in my ability to envision myself as a leader and facilitator. I now have tools that I can turn to again and again.” —Sarah D.

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“The Catalyst Leadership Immersion has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I have the confidence, skills, and resources to launch anything I want at any time! I feel more at home in my body and in the world than I ever have before. And I have eight of the most beautiful sisters that I never knew I needed. This has been profound.” —Jenny

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This process has been invaluable in my ability to envision myself as a leader and facilitator. It has deepened my awareness and navigation through limiting beliefs that have held me back, and provided tools that I can turn to again and again for grounding, clarity, and creativity.

“If you're ready to overcome fear and finally do the damn thang you've been wanting to share with your community, the Catalyst Leadership Immersion will get you there.”  —Sarah D.


“I facilitated a very meaningful and personal experience, and I felt all of the learning that I had done in the Cohort —all the support that I had received — helping me to stand with confidence, to take on the role that had been asked of me. I had a confidence and emotional strength and trust that I have enough of what it takes to step forward. I hadn’t had that before. And people responded so incredibly well.” –Pam


“Before stepping into this circle, I felt an urgent, exhausting sense of not being enough. The Cohort has helped me stand in my truth.

Anya modeled how I want to show up in the world, as a leader who creates impactful conversations and ripples of transformation. Sharing tools for proactive facilitation, personal alignment, and community change, the Catalyst Leadership Immersion offers people like me a sacred connection and mutual mentorship.” —Corinne


“The Catalyst Leadership Immersion has provided the first opportunity I have had (in a long career!!) to rescript my internalized stories in a tangible way that allows me to receive feedback in a new light.

I have a renewed belief in the value of my services which has made me more excited in my work. I'm able to be more present with my clients and let my core beliefs guide my interactions.” —Marisol


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